St. John Vianney Court 2738


Upcoming Meetings & Events:                            

October Meeting Date:  October 7th 
@ 1pm in St Daniel Center

Any member attending the Rosary Around the Lake will meet up here and depart for the Lake Charles Millennium Park Amphitheater.  Members wanting to form groups for Rosary Around Lake, visit here for my details:

November Meeting Date: November 4th
@ 1pm in St Daniel Center

Next Social Date: December 2nd
@5pm in St Daniel Center


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St. John Vianney Court 2738                                                                       Past Meeting Notes

Regent: Reinette Guillory

Vice Regent: Jennifer Pedersen

Recording Secretary: Rachel Zaunbrecher

Financial Secretary: Michelle Land                                                                                     Who and what are the Catholic Daughters?

Treasurer: Charlene Breaux                                                                                                  Catholic Daughter Membership Application