Father John Requests

Father John has a mission for the Catholic Daughter of St. John Vianney. Here is a list of opportunities for anyone to get involved in, but especially the Catholic Daughter. The following comes directly from Father John; in a letter that was read at the September meeting. Below you will find the requests and suggestions have been reorganized in date order. A link to the full letter is located at the bottom of this page. Please contact the office, if you would like to get involved in an activity. 

"I was very excited to see that so many of you came forward to join the Catholic Daughters, when it first started.  It truly blew me away to know there are so many of you all out there who want to be active in the parish.

Firstly, there is a need for more functions that support the life of the parish and are celebratory.  The Catholic faith is much more than just going to mass on Sunday.  These functions could support the parish by offering memorable moments where the parish can get together for time to fellowship and consider our life in Christ together.  Catholic Culture needs to be cultivated in the daily lives of people, for to be Catholic is not to just celebrate the sacraments per se, but how they affect all parts of our lives.  Notably, the Big Sacramental Celebrations such as First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Easter Vigil – the new Catechumens and Candidates coming into the Church, and all that surrounds these things--- all these are moments I believe that could be benefitted by your more communal and active involvement. " 

OCTOBER 31,2018: All Saint's Day Eve (Halloween) 

Last year we had an excellent turn out for All Saint’s Day/All Hallows Eve Celebration/Halloween --- while Halloween this year is the same week as our Parish Bazaar/Fair, I would love if a few ladies especially took up the Halloween celebration on the actual night of Halloween which is in the middle of the week (All Saint’s Day eve a.k.a All Hallows Eve.)  Last year it was our office staff and youth ministry which participated in the event.  It would be nice if a few Catholic Daughters could spearhead this event and invite the Youth ministry to do the same as last year, wherein they dressed up in Saint’s costumes etc.  We would like to invite the Baptist Church to participate in the festivities, i.e. “Trunk or Treat” as well --- it is a sad phenomenon that many of the so-called Baptists who populate the Church in Hayes are actually baptized Catholics who went the way of the Baptist Church --- this would also be a great way to invite them back into our parish life, and maybe they would even consider a return.  (As for the reasons for their leaving they are many and varied – that discussion I would love to have another time.)