PREP Calendar 22/23

  7- FIRST EVENING of PREP— Welcome & PREP program structure
14- The Thirst & Desire for God
21- God Revealed in Many Ways
28- Revelation is God’s gift of Himself

  5- Revelation response Human Faith
19- Jesus Christ’s Revelation about God
26- Jesus Christ teaches us about ourselves

  2- Creation of the World & our First Parents
  9- The Fall from Grace: Original Sin
16- God Promises to send a Savior
30- Origin, Foundation & Manifestation of the Church

  7- Vigil Mass of the Immaculate Conception - Holy Day of Obligation (mandatory)
14-Church is a Communication Instrument/Christmas Celebration

12- Baptism of Christ
18- Sacraments are Privileged Encounters with Christ
25- Redemption through the Seven Sacraments

  1- Sacraments of Initiation
  8- Sacraments of Healing
15- Sacraments of Service

  1- Life in Christ
  8- God Teaches us how to Live this New Life
15- Prayer in the Catholic Church
22- Power of the Rosary
29- Time, Tithes & Treasure

  5- Easter Prep
19- Being a Catholic in a Modern World
26- Last Evening of Prep/Celebration of Faith